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Name:Mr. Hassan Kana [Director/CEO/General Manager]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: omkainter@hotmail.com Y!: omkainter@hotmail.com
Windows Live: omkainter@hotmail.com omkainter@hotmail.com
Skype: kana10011
Google Talk:  omkainter@hotmail.com  omkainter@hotmail.com
Mobile Number:+31634048249
Phone Number:+31644900864
Fax Number:+31342795121
Address:Wolweg 21
Stroe 3776LM, Gelderland
skype kana10011
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Registration Date:Aug. 13, 2011
Last Updated:Aug. 13, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Textile & Leather category

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We are leading export for leather finished from Tanzania, We have been in the export business for more than 5 years.
Our leather product come from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda.
We can export leather finished 20-40mt container every month to Asia and Europe.
The ship duration 30day after finalise payment.We accept T/ T and L/ C no western union payment.
The payment term based 30% advance and 70% after the goods are loading on board.
We welcome you to buy our leather finished from Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.
If your interest with our product we will offer you best price.
Hassan Kana
skype kana10011

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